TASKOP Global Consulting Inc serves health institutions, pharmaceuticals, corporations, and non-profits. Day by day, our team delivers solutions that address our client’s challenges and needs; and we proudly assert that we have the unique expert knowledge to fulfill their resource gaps and project needs.

We are here to help: TGCI’s consultants are advisers and hands-on contractors that are easily accessible to provide innovative solutions every step of the way. Whether you require support for a fixed project-based or an ongoing program, TGCI can tailor our services to your unique project or program scope.

A few of what we offer include: Organizational governance and leadership development; Capacity building; Policy drafting; Strategic and work plan drafting; Digital health solutions; Stakeholder and patient engagement; Patient and HCP education; Employee and Volunteer training workshops; Charitable Status Registration, etc.;

It’s your call: We could work independently or integrate our team with yours to find the very best solutions to unwind your most complex issues- and yes, whether it’s your highly specialized or more diverse tasks, our services are shaped to meet your needs.

  1. Pharmaceuticals/Health Institutions
  2. Non-Profit Organizations
  3. Business Corporations